Things to do when updating Bludit

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Photo by Markus Spiske:

I finally got around to update to the recent version of Bludit. And as I made two changes to files which will be overwritten, I made myself a small documentation.

Changing the default link target

Post with code example, here:

  1. Open file bludit-folder/bl-plugins/tinymce/plugin.php file
  2. Search for tinymce.init
  3. Then we add the default_link_target: '_blank' parameter at the end of the list
  4. Don't forget to add a semicolon behind the formerly last parameter

Keep the syntax highlighting

Original post:

  1. Open: bludit-folder/bl-plugins/tinymce/tinymce/plugins/codesample/plugin.min.js
  2. Search for <pre and in the class property add line-numbers. It should now look like this: t.insertContent('<pre id="__new" class="language-'+a+' line-numbers">'+r+"</pre>")
  3. A little after that pre you will also find t.dom.setAttrib(e,"class","language-"+a), add the line-numbers class in there too, it should look like this: t.dom.setAttrib(e,"class","line-numbers language-"+a)
  4. Edit a random blogpost with code in it to verify that newly rendered pages get the line-numbers and syntax highlighting.

Check is the RSS-Feed works

  1. Access and verify there is content displayed.