Why I don't accept connect/friendship requests from recruiters

Author Christian Reading time 2 minutes

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio: https://www.pexels.com/photo/cheerful-young-woman-screaming-into-megaphone-3761509/

When you work in IT you are in the privileged situation that people are actively offering you positions. If I wanted, I wouldn't have needed to search for a single one of my jobs. I got plenty of offerings on Xing or LinkedIn, via email or sometimes even through Twitter direct messages or Google Hangouts.

So, as the question just recently arised from a recruiter on Xing: "Why didn't I accept the request to become connected?"
Well, short answer: My starting page feed and too much clutter.

In fact, I did tend to accept those requests years ago. It. Was. Awful. My feed was full of job advertisements for various positions in far too many industries. Jobs which are absolutely not relevant for me. For which I do have no skills, no training, no interest, no passion. And.. 99,9% of the time I'm not searching for a job. So why should I be forced to read job ad after job ad and waste my time with it? Additionally, because of all that clutter, I sometimes didn't notice crucial updates from old colleagues & friends.

THAT is the sole reason why I stopped doing that.
It is really nothing personal. It's just that 99,9% of the time your content is irrelevant to me - as I'm simply not on the lookout for a new challenge. And on top of that: In the short time frames when it is relevant to me, 99% of the content is - again - irrelevant to me - because the jobs don't fit what I'm searching for.

I like my feed/stream to be about stuff I'm interesting in. I don't like it when I constantly have to read stuff which is neither interesting nor relevant for me.

So please: Don't feel like I attack you personally. As this is not the point. Period.