Go home GoDaddy, you're drunk!

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I'm just so fucking happy right now I have never been a customer of GoDaddy. As I learned via Reddit yesterday GoDaddy closed the access to their DNS API for many customers.

No prior information.

No change of the documentation regarding API access.


For many customers this meant that their revenue stream was affected as, for example, the SSL-Certificates for web services couldn't be automatically renewed. Which is the case when you are using Let's Encrypt.

Therefore I can't say it in any other words: GoDaddy deliberately sabotaged it's customers in order to maximize it's income.

Yeah, fuck you GoDaddy. You are on my personal blacklist now. Never going to do business with you. Not that I planned, but sometimes decisions like this must be called out and sanctioned.

When customers asked why their API calls returned an HTTP 403 error (Forbidden) GoDaddy provided the following answer (accentuation done by myself):

Hi, We have recently updated the account requirements to access parts of our production Domains API. As part of this update, access to these APIs are now limited: If you have lost access to these APIs, but feel you meet these requirements, please reply back with your account number and we will review your account and whitelist you if we have denied you access in error. Please note that this does not affect your access to any of our OTE APIs. If you have any further questions or need assistance with other API questions, please reach out. Regards, API Support TeamAvailability API: Limited to accounts with 50 or more domains Management and DNS APIs: Limited to accounts with 10 or more domains and/or an active Discount Domain Club plan.

Wow. The mentioned OTE API meanwhile is no workaround. It's GoDaddy's test API. Used to verify that your API-Calls work, prior to sending them to the productive API. You can't do anything there which would help GoDaddy's customers to find a solution without having to pay.


Am I the only one who can't use the API? (Reddit)

Warning: Godaddy silently cut access to their DNS API unless you pay them more money. If you're using Godaddy domain with letsencrypt or acme, be aware because your autorenewal will fail. (Reddit)