ASUS RMA process is broken by design to maximize profit?

Author Christian Reading time ~1 minute

Photo by ThisIsEngineering:

I watched an interesting video from the Youtube Channel GamersNexus. It's title is "ASUS Scammed Us".

And in this video they show how the ASUS RMA process is broken and many customers are faced with repair bills higher than the original costs for the devices. Or ASUS claims parts need to be repaired which are not broken according to the customers. Another big topic is also that ASUS regularly claims the customer caused the defect and hence repair isn't covered under their guarantee.

Yeah.. While watching the video you get the feeling the process was designed that way to maximize profit. This means it's intransparent, not flexible enough and generally doesn't have the customer at the core of it's view/goal.

Which sucks. And gained ASUS a place on my "Do not buy from ever again"-list... The video is linked below:

Or, if you prefer a link, here: