Windows tools I use

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As an IT consultant in 99,5% of all cases I'm provided a notebook with Windows as operating system. As this is (sadly) still the standard, even when you do your work only on Linux machines.. Therefore I do have to use many separate Windows tools..

SSH/RDP (Remote/terminal access):

  • PuTTY & pageant as agent for automatic key based authentication
  • Alternatively SuperPutty works fine if you need to split windows next to each other or have all Putty windows in one application window
  • mRemoteNG also works fine for SSH & RDP as more often than not I also need to connect to servers via RDP too
  • If you only need RDP, have a look at the Remote Desktop Connection Manager from the lovely Sysinternals folks at Microsoft


  • Notepad++ has syntax highlighting, proper support for all kind charsets AND per-default it saves even the text in windows you haven't explicitly saved. (Useful if you're in a hurry..)
  • Alternative: PSPad


  • KeePass: The neat thing is, so far it always came pre-installed.

Diffing files/finding differences:

  • Meld (That one is also available for Linux if you need a GUI)